Anti-gunners new move. Trying to get guns priced out of Constitutional Rights.
31 Aug 2016

Pricing Gun Owners Out Of Their Constitutional Rights

Rather than repeal the Sec­ond Amend­ment, lib­er­als make exer­cis­ing it too expen­sive. The war on the Sec­ond Amend­ment is becom­ing all about cost. Real­iz­ing it’s far eas­i­er to make exer­cis­ing one’s Sec­ond Amend­ment right pro­hib­i­tive­ly expen­sive than it is to revoke that right entire­ly, lib­er­als across Amer­i­ca are find­ing ways to

Mid September Giveaway 2016: Umbrella Corporation Rifle Grip
29 Aug 2016

Mid September Giveaway: Umbrella Corporation Rifle Grip

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The NeoMag magazine pocket clip review. 97.8%
29 Aug 2016

NeoMag Review: Securing A Pocket Full Of Awesome

Some­times I’m a lit­tle late to the game. I start­ed see­ing a trend on Insta­gram of this cool lit­tle giz­mo called the Neo­Mag a while back but nev­er real­ly paid that much atten­tion to it because, for the most part, there was a whole bunch of awe­some going on in each pho­to.

28 Aug 2016

Surprise: Gun Ownership Rises To 44% Of All Homes

After a steady decline in gun own­er­ship in recent years, more homes are report­ing hav­ing a weapon inside, accord­ing to a new sur­vey. Pew Research Cen­ter, in a poll on guns released Fri­day, showed that 44 per­cent of the coun­try has a gun in the house. Some 51 per­cent don’t.

California Gun Owners Dig In To Fight “Gunmageddon” On November Ballots
25 Aug 2016

Cali Gun Owners Dig In Fighting “Gunmageddon”

From Bear­ing Arms — The hip­pie fas­cists of California’s leg­is­la­ture rammed through a raft of anti-gun leg­is­la­tion this past ses­sion designed to tor­ture law­ful gun-own­ing cit­i­zens. Gov­er­nor Jer­ry Brown signed “Gun­maged­don” into law, but California’s gun own­ers aren’t going down with­out a fight. Bar­ry Bahra­mi went from incred­u­lous to angry

Smart Gun are actually quite dumb. Chris Christie gets that.
25 Aug 2016

No Smart Guns Because of a New Jersey Law

From Philly­Mag — Gun-rights sup­port­er Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have repealed it because it would’ve insti­tut­ed a new gun law Christie called “offen­sive.” Chris Christie yes­ter­day vetoed a bill that would have required New Jer­sey gun deal­ers to car­ry at least one “smart gun” for sale. Christie

Maj Toure Founder of Black Guns Matter
25 Aug 2016

Black Gun Rights Activist Launches ‘Black Guns Matter’

From Bre­it­bart — Gun rights activist Maj Toure is seek­ing to edu­cate his fel­low black cit­i­zens on the impor­tance of the Sec­ond Amend­ment, gun own­er­ship, and gun safe­ty via his new group, “Black Guns Mat­ter” (BGM). The launch of BGM “kicked off a planned 13-city tour, with sim­i­lar events in cities

Gov. Nikki Haley holds ceremonial signing of Georgia gun reciprocity bill, for the second time
24 Aug 2016

Gov. Haley Signing of Georgia Gun Reciprocity Bill, Again

NORTH AUGUSTA — For the sec­ond time this sum­mer, Gov. Nik­ki Haley has made a show of sign­ing leg­is­la­tion twice. Both times it played to the state’s con­ser­v­a­tive base. In June, she trav­eled to an Upstate Chris­t­ian school for chil­dren with dis­abil­i­ties to re-sign a state law that banned abor­tions

Only Chicago thinks one more law will end it's gun violence.
24 Aug 2016

Because Chicago — New Gun Control Law Targets Violence

Editor’s Note — First, it’s from CNN. Sec­ond, only Chica­go would think even more laws will do some­thing to stop the vio­lence they expe­ri­ence. When will the ass­hats final­ly under­stand that vio­lent crim­i­nals don’t care or adhere to any law they make? From Satan CNN — The gov­er­nor of Illi­nois

Florida GPRC 2016 Florida Carry Conference
24 Aug 2016

2016 Florida Gun Rights Policy Conference

FREE Sep­tem­ber 23 — 25, 2016 Tam­pa FL Don’t miss out on this rare oppor­tu­ni­ty in Flori­da! A lim­it­ed num­ber of seats are still avail­able! Reserve yours today by click­ing the link below! GRPC is the nation’s largest annu­al gath­er­ing of grass­roots gun rights groups from across the coun­try! Meet