2.5 Year Update On Wen Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft Model 2305

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2.5 Year Update On Wen Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft Mod­el 2305

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When I first did my review for our YouTube video on the WEN 2305 Rotary Tool, I was blown away with it ini­tial­ly. Con­sid­er­ing the expense of buy­ing a Dremel brand rotary, the Wen was a no brain­er for me. I love to save mon­ey wher­ev­er I can. Here is the orig­i­nal video to remind you. Fun­ny enough, this is one of the few videos we’ve post­ed that YouTube hasn’t tak­en down due to their dra­con­ian rules about firearms and in par­tic­u­lar gun­smithing at home.

As report­ed 2.5 years ago, I paid just $17.64 for my Wen 2305. As a kit, it came with tons of bits, sand­ing and cut­ting disks, pol­ish­ing tips, etc. There was no bet­ter deal out there. To tell the truth, there still isn’t.

I’m hap­py to report that 2.5 years into own­ing the Wen 2305, it is still per­fect. It kills it for every job I want it to do. Most recent­ly I had to make some alter­ations to a front rail for one of my ARs and as usu­al it worked flaw­less­ly. I have had to replace a few items like the sand­ing disks, wheels and what­not, but those are con­sum­ables. Of course they will have to be replaced.

As of today, the price has inched up a bit. It has risen about $2.66 since the time I pur­chased mine. I’m sor­ry! I know that it pret­ty much blas­phe­my these days, but con­sid­er­ing the cheap­est Dremel I could find that is a com­pa­ra­ble kit is right around $85, the Wen is a Win for sure.

Since my pur­chase, Wen had released a 1.3 and 1.4 amp ver­sion with a few addi­tion­al attach­ments, col­lars and bits. If the new ones per­form any­where close to what my 2305 does, they are going to make you hap­py and sat­is­fied no mat­ter what.

Any­thing that lasts for near­ly 2.5 years under a lot of heavy stress and hard work deserves to be rec­og­nized as one hell of a tool for the home gun­smith. 5 Handguns I didn't buy in 2018
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